Samantha Holmes on Untapped NY

UntappedNY features Samantha Holmes' new sculpture 'Mundillo (Little World)' among its noteworthy public art installations currently on view in NYC. Nicole Saraniero's article highlights Holmes' work - which has been on view at West Farms Square Plaza in the Bronx since October - alongside other notable projects including the new Public Art Fund commissions by Stan Douglas, Elmgreen and Dragset, and Kehinde Wiley at Penn Station's Moynihan Train Hall, and the latest in the Times Square Arts' 'Midnight Moment' series by artist Daniel Crooks.

Holmes' 'Mundillo' is a joint commission by the Bronx River Arts Center and the NYC Department of Transportation and represents a monumental new development of the artist's ongoing series of open lattice steel works. Writes Saraniero: "openings in the sculpture's lace-like surface allow it to seemingly weave into the fabric of [its surroundings], as those holes are filled with the colors and sights of the neighborhood".

Jaanika Peerna: 'Glacier Elegy', Cold Spring, NY

Jaanika Peerna is in performance this weekend at the Hudson River waterfront in Cold Spring, NY. Performing the latest of her 'Glacier Elegy' pieces, the event honors the life and work of curator Amy Lipton, who passed away at the beginning of December. Lipton was a champion of ecology-focused art and an early supporter of Peerna's practice after the artist relocated to NYC.

Presented in association with Columbia University's The Earth Institute, the performance will be live streamed with a proceeding and succeeding discussion starting at 10:30am on Sunday December 20th.

Yuki Onodera: at Icicle Space, Shanghai

"Burning with Desire", Yuki Onodera's solo exhibition at Icicle Space in Shanghai, opened December 5. Curated by Lin Ye, the exhibition includes work from five of the artist's photographic series: 'The World Is Not Small - 1826', 'How to Make a Pearl', 'Look out of the Window', 'Annular Eclipse', and 'Portrait of Second-hand Clothes'. The exhibition title references an 1828 letter that Louis Daguerre wrote to fellow photographic pioneer Nicephore Niepce, where he states "I am burning with desire to see your experiments from nature"; and fittingly - Onodera's work amounts to a sustained argument for the enduring wonders of the photographic process.

"Burning with Desire" is organized in collaboration with Shanghai's Vanguard Gallery, and continues through January 31, 2021.

Yuki Onodera: 'Femmes Photographes'

Yuki Onodera is included in a new three volume photographic survey published by France's Actes Sud. 'Femmes Photographes', which is part of the excellent Photo Poche series of pocket-sized monographs, is edited by Clara Bouveresse and Sarah Moon and surveys the work of women photographers from 1850 to the present day. Onodera's spread reproduces the artist's 'Portrait de fripes No.3', 1994, from her breakthrough series of second-hand clothes images.

Ellen Carey in Two Minutes

Ellen Carey's perfect dinner party guests (dead or alive)?

"This is a big dinner party right? I would love to have my parents there, and my late brother, to meet: Talbot and Atkins, Man Ray and Pollock, Sol LeWitt and John Coplans, Eva Hesse and Nancy Graves, Linda Cathcart, DaVinci and Michelangelo, Van Gogh and Helen Frankenthaler, I mean, this is going to get big... Dr. Edwin Land, Marie Cosindas... you know it could go on for the whole weekend... Atget and Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus, Lee Miller, would love to meet David Hockney, Sir Elton John - all the great women artists, since the beginning of Time..! poets, philosophers, musicians...writers, this is a huge dinner party!"

Ellen Carey in Two Minutes, by Del Barrett, on Hundred Heroines.

Amanda Means: 'Luminations' on

JHB Gallery is pleased to present our first exhibition on TheArtMarket.NYC, a new online platform that launched this summer showcasing exhibitions by New York City - based galleries. The first of our bi-monthly presentations is Luminations, a solo exhibition of work by Amanda Means featuring key pieces from the artist's Water Glass, Light Bulb, and Folded and Crushed abstract series.

Means' presentation will remain on view for the next two weeks: look out for our upcoming exhibitions in December, and February.

Bastienne Schmidt on The Artist Profile Archive

Bastienne Schmidt is the latest artist to be highlighted in Sophie Chahinian's documentary film initiative The Artist Profile Archive - a series of intimate video portraits of artists speaking about their work and creative processes. Bastienne is interviewed in her studio, and presents a range of projects, discussing the influence of her family background and upbringing in Greece, and the role that the Long Island landscape has continued to play in her practice.

Schmidt joins fellow artists to have already been featured by the Archive, including Shirin Neshat, Rashid Johnson, Dan Graham, Yinka Shonibare, Roberto Longo, and Alice Aycock; each of the documentaries are available to view online.

Nic Nicosia, 'bighands' at Nasher Sculpture Center

Nic Nicosia's monumental new public sculpture bighands has just been unveiled as the latest addition to the collection of the Nasher Sculpture Center in the artist's native Dallas. Over eight feet tall, the piece was cast this year, an enlargement of a 2011 original that incorporates models of the artist's own hands.

"With one foot slightly in front of the other, the figure could be making an emphatic call to halt, pushing back against something, or simply presenting his hands - the body part that distinguishes humans as a species and individually - as an existential gesture: I am here; this is me", writes the Nasher.

Bastienne Schmidt profiled in Purist

Bastienne Schmidt is currently profiled in the Purist on the occasion of her "Blue Horizon Grid" being the featured artwork of the upcoming Hamptons International Film Festival. The artist talks about the influence of her Mediterranean upbringing, and the enduring power of the color blue in her painting: "Blue ... has a calming nature, a vibrancy. It's a color that has religious significance. It fascinates me."

Amanda Means: Phillips London Photographs sale update

We previously brought you details on the inclusion of Amanda Means' Water Glass 2 in the ULTIMATE section of Phillips London's Photographs sale on September 25th. We are delighted to congratulate Amanda on the work achieving over twice its estimate at the sale - replicating the artist's success with Light Bulb, 00062C in 2019.

Means' Water Glass works are part of a unique body of camera-less photo pieces produced over a more than twenty-year period, in which images are created by the light passing though objects placed directly within an 8x10 inch wooden enlarger.

Jaanika Peerna: Glacier Elegy at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Jaanika Peerna was in performance in New York on Sunday October 4, presenting the latest of her Glacier Elegies by the Brooklyn Bridge on the DUMBO Waterfront. The performance was presented both live and live-streamed, and remains available to view online.

Peerna's Glacier Elegies have formed the central core of her recent practice, manifest across a broad range of media, from performance to large-scale installations and multimedia drawing. A lament for the global loss of glaciers and natural ice, her performances regularly incorporate audience participation, foregrounding the collective action and shared responsibility required to tackle climate change.

Glacier Elegies is also featured in the new monograph Performance Drawing: New Practices since 1945 published by Bloomsbury, London.

Simone Douglas exhibitions in Australia and China

Simone Douglas' work is highlighted in a pair of projects currently on view in Australia and China. Shadow Catchers, at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, sets out to explore themes of replication and doubling central to the photographic metaphor. Douglas is represented by a diptych of color photographs from her An Uncertain Exchange body of work - photographs akin to light paintings that were crafted in the darkroom through a unique analog process. The exhibition also includes work by Sophie Calle, Paul Chan, LaToya Ruby Frazier, and Bill Viola, among others.

Meanwhile, the artist's new video work, Day Without End, is streaming as part of Reflecting the Sharing Moment, a series of online commissions organized by the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. CAFA have invited artists' responses to the social and cultural upheavals of 2020, with Douglas' video representing a personal and poetic reflection on her experience flying to a conference in Australia in March, only to arrive as the country declared lockdown.

Samantha Holmes NYC DOT Public Art Commission

Samantha Holmes has just unveiled her new public sculpture Mundillo (Little World), an NYC Department of Transportation Commission produced in partnership with the Bronx River Art Center. The sculpture represents a monumental new freestanding development of the artist's open-lattice steel works, translating the patterns of traditional Puerto Rican lacework from the intimacy of the home to the visibility of a busy outdoor public space. A monument to women's work and the cultural dynamism of its Bronx neighborhood, Mundillo (Little World) will be on view at West Farms Square in the Bronx, the plaza adjacent to the busy East Tremont Avenue subway station, through October next year.

Bastienne Schmidt: Hamptons International Film Festival

Blue Horizon Grid, one of Bastienne Schmidt's sumptuous Colored Grids abstracts, has been chosen as the poster image for the upcoming Hamptons International Film Festival 2020. Schmidt joins an illustrious tradition of fellow artists whose work has been showcased on the Festival's posters over the years, including Lee Krasner, Eric Fischl, Cecily Brown, David Salle, and Barbara Kruger.

A selection of work from the artist's Everyday Objects in Pandemic Times watercolor series continues on display in Southampton Arts Center's 2020 Vision, an exhibition examining artists' responses to the events of this most tumultuous of years. And Spiral Grid, the artist's site-specific fabric installation recently featured in a spread in Hamptons Magazine, is on view at the Leiber Museum, East Hampton, in the exhibition The Garden of Friends.

Amanda Means: Phillips London Photographs Sale

JHB Gallery is pleased to announce that Amanda Means' Water Glass 2 is a featured work in the ULTIMATE section of Phillips London's upcoming Photographs sale on September 25th. Artworks designated ULTIMATE are exclusively last-of-edition or AP pieces, Means' work being AP2 from an otherwise sold-out edition of five prints.

The Water Glass works are part of a series of celebrated camera-less photo pieces that the artist has produced over a more than twenty-year period. The image was created directly in the darkroom by passing light through the glass, water, and ice placed within Means' 8x10 inch wooden enlarger.

A new auction record for Amanda Means' work was previously set at the Phillips London Photographs sale last year, when Light Bulb, 00062C achieved twice its estimate.

Ellen Carey: Solo Exhibition at The Delamar, West Hartford

We are pleased to announce Ellen Carey's solo exhibition at The Delamar Hotel in West Hartford, CT. The installation showcases key works spanning thirty years of her career, from black and white abstractions from the early 1990s through new Dings and Shadows works from 2016-2020.

The exhibition is organized by the New Britain Museum of American Art, and is part of the 2020/20+ Women @NBMAA initiative being presented by the Museum throughout the year celebrating the impact of female American artists. Carey joins fellow luminaries being honored including Kara Walker, Anni Albers, Nancy Spero, and Carrie Mae Weems.

Lights, Camera, Ellen Carey: A Solo Exhibition continues at The Delamar West Hartford through March 1, 2021.

Bohnchang Koo: Three International Exhibitions

Bohnchang Koo is exhibiting in a trio of international exhibitions this fall across three continents.

Light Shadow, the artist's solo exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center in Sydney, Australia, focuses on his photographs of Joseon Dynasty white porcelain, which Koo has been documenting with a monumental yet serene simplicity in images taken at museums internationally. The exhibition, which is part of the Head On Photo Festival, continues through November 13.

Koo is also taking part in the the group exhibition Forme at the Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris, and is represented in Six Perspectives, at Gwangju National Museum, Gwangju, Korea—an exhibition of work selected from the museum's collection on view through November 8.

Guy Laramee: Quebec Council for the Arts Award

JHB Gallery is delighted to congratulate Guy Laramee on his reception of a prestigious Quebec Council for the Arts award.

The monetary grant is awarded for the production of a new monograph on the Toilet Paper Diary Volcanoes, the sculptural series the artist has been producing daily throughout the Covid-19 crisis this year.

Taking inspiration from the earliest book forms - as well as Chinese painting and, of course, this year's unexpectedly precious commodity the toilet roll - Laramee's book will be designed in the form of a scroll, a Codex Lavatrina that will document this unique series in full.

Yuki Onodera: Four Exhibitions in Japan

Yuki Onodera is having four exhibitions concurrently in her native Japan this fall.

In two linked solo shows - FROM Where and TO Where at Tokyo's The Ginza Space and Yumiko Chiba Associates - the artist will be presenting side-by-side exhibitions of work from Portrait of Second-hand Clothes, the series that first brought international attention to Onodera's practice in 1995, and new work from her multimedia photo project Darkside of the Moon.

At ZEIT-FOTO in Kunitachi, meanwhile, Everywhere Photographs, a solo presentation of Onodera's work from the early 1990s, will be on view through the end of October. The artist is also represented in a large scale group exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma tracing the legacy of Tokyo's Sagacho Exhibit Space, and the alternative art scene that grew up around it during the 17 years of its operation, 1983-2000.

Jaanika Peerna: Performance Drawing - New Practices since 1945

Jaanika Peerna is featured in an important new monograph published by Bloomsbury, London, tracing the history and practice of performance-based drawing as a distinct thread running through contemporary art since 1945.

The study, authored by Maryclare Foa, Jane Grisewood, Birgitta Hosea, and Carali McCall, examines how drawing can act as a performative tool, one that is uniquely positioned to embody themes of ephemerality and immediacy, the body and energy, time and motion.

The book includes explorations of Peerna's works Am Rand, a drawing-performance presented by the artist in 2014 in Berlin, as well as her ongoing Glacier Elegies project, most recently seen at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT, in 2019. Performance Drawing: New Practices since 1945 is published on October 1, and is available for pre-order.

JHB Gallery Project Space at Jetsam Studio

JHB Gallery is pleased to announce its collaboration with Jetsam Studio. Over the coming months we will be presenting a series of engaging exhibitions by gallery artists in the 2,000 square foot atelier founded by designer Quinn Pofahl. The Studio showcases Pofahl’s exclusive line of upholstered furniture. Decorative objects sourced worldwide and a collection of 20th Century design from Magen H Gallery, New York City, complete the environment. The concept of this unique space promotes the development of creative discourse between fine art, design, and the decorative arts.

All for the Hall at Guild Hall, East Hampton

Gallery artists Ellen Carey, John Noestheden, and Bastienne Schmidt are participating in All for the Hall, a benefit exhibition just opened at Guild Hall, the much-loved cultural cornerstone of East Hampton, Long Island.

Organized by Museum Director and Chief Curator, Christina Mossaides Strassfield, the project was initiated by participating artist Robert Longo, whose solo exhibition this year at the historic multidisciplinary arts center had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

60 artists have donated work for All for the Hall including painting, sculpture, photography and new site-responsive installations. The lineup includes artists such as Laurie Anderson, Philippe Cheng, Jeremy Dennis, Eric Fischl, Rashid Johnson, Shirin Neshat, Enoc Perez, and Dorothea Rockburne - among many others. All proceeds from sales of the exhibited works will go toward Guild Hall.

The exhibition is open Saturday through Monday, 12–5pm.

JHB Gallery at Carleen Ligozio, Southampton

JHB Gallery is delighted to announce a collaboration with Carleen Ligozio, with a rotating exhibition of gallery artists' work on view at the Southampton, Long Island boutique throughout the summer. Our opening installation showcases work by Ellen Carey, Amanda Means, and John Noestheden.

Guy Laramee on Mixed Grill

Dutch cultural site Mixed Grill has become the latest to publish a feature on Guy Laramee's new series “Toilet Paper Diary Volcanoes”, noting how the works have gradually become more ambitious and increasingly spectacular—now incorporating an expanded palette of materials to render their dramatic plumes of smoke and spouting lava.

Guy Laramee on Designboom

Designboom has also featured Guy Laramee's "Toilet Paper Diary Volcanoes" in an extended piece with some terrific images of the work.

Bastienne Schmidt and Guy Laramee on Artnet News

Artnet news has a new feature on gallery artists Bastienne Schmidt and Guy Laramee, and their respective responses to the pandemic in their ongoing series "Everyday Objects in Pandemic Times" and "Toilet Paper Diary Volcanoes".

Guy Laramee - new documentary short film

Guy Laramee is featured in a new documentary short to be broadcast on Turkish national television. The six-minute spot, which will air on TRT2, the cultural and educational channel of Turkey's national broadcaster, follows Laramee as he works in his studio and traverses his native Montreal. The artist shares his thoughts on his work, the studio as a place of refuge, and on the daily processes of art-making as a unique form of knowledge - one that offers a radical alternative in our increasingly outcome-driven world. Directed by Abdulkerim Tever, the film includes some stunning close-up photography of Laramee's unique book-landscapes: as they are being created, as well as in their finished form.

John Noestheden at Georgia Scherman Projects, Toronto

John Noestheden will be taking part in a new group exhibition at Georgia Scherman Projects in Toronto, opening Thursday March 12th, 6-8pm. The artist will be represented by his recent work Section, 2018-20, a paint object from Noestheden's Spacelines series. These unique works are composed of cosmic particulates suspended in acrylic paint, with materials encompassing cosmic dust, meteorite grindings, bone, ash, simulated lunar regolith, carborundum, titanium ore, diamond dust, and other pure elements. These particulates are introduced into heavy body acrylics and systematically layered and dried, with the pieces composed of as many as sixty stratifications, housed on custom aluminum supports. Section's built-up textured layers in turn echo the more macro-level celestial phenomena familiar from the artist's Diamond Drawings and other works on paper, the gleam and shimmer of the work's surface extrapolating its material composition into a grander wonder at the forces of the universe. The exhibition, which also features work by Kelly Wallace, Angela Grauerholz, Stacey Spiegel, and (after) John Webber, continues at Georgia Scherman Projects through April 11th.

Don Freeman In Conversation, New York

Don Freeman, whose Pompeii series of works have been on view as part of the Impressions exhibition at the Cristina Grajales Gallery in New York, will be in conversation with fellow artist Matthew Jensen at the gallery on Monday March 2nd. Preceded by a reception at 6pm, the discussion will follow at 6:30-7pm - moderated by Andrea Stern of die Firma Gallery. Freeman's Pompeii Landscapes use traditional darkroom toning techniques to lend a rich evocation of the mystery of the past to his gelatin silver prints, each shot at the ancient Roman city. Impressions continues at Cristina Grajales Gallery through March 27th.

Ellen Carey on Sarah Charlesworth, Printed Matter, New York

Ellen Carey will be speaking as part of a Printed Matter panel exploring the life and work of celebrated photographer Sarah Charlesworth, 6pm, Thursday February 27th. The discussion accompanies Sarah Charlesworth: Image Language, an exhibition at Printed Matter focusing on Charlesworth's work over the course of her forty-year career, from her pioneering work for publications such as The Fox and BOMB Magazine, to her later camera-based projects. Carey will be joined in the discussion by BOMB co-founder and Editor in Chief Betsy Sussler, author Kate Zambreno, and exhibition organizer Christine Robinson. Sarah Charlesworth: Image Language continues at Printed Matter through April 19, 2020.

Doug Beube’s Wash at The Performance Arcade, New Zealand

Doug Beube will be presenting a new installation at The Performance Arcade, the innovative exhibition and performance arts event that takes place annually on the Wellington Waterfront in New Zealand. Installed in one of the event's shipping container exhibition spaces, Beube will be unveiling Wash, a new participative sculptural project exploring themes of identity and otherness. Based around an installation of specially crafted soap bars and a sink and faucet of running water, the project is the outcome of research carried out by the artist in collaboration with linguists Michael Paul Adams, Cecile Cutler, and Hiram Smith. Each of the soap bars is etched with an historical slur or epithet, and visitors will be invited to take a bar of soap and wash their hands with it, letting the ink flow out of the bar, "cleansing disdainful speech from the collective consciousness". The artist will be at the exhibition daily, and plans to livestream and Instagram the event as it unfolds. Wash will be on view at The Performance Arcade, February 26th through March 1st.

Yuki Onodera at Huis Marseille, Netherlands

Yuki Onodera's work is included in the exhibition Pictures from Another Wall, a selection of work from the collection of Huis Marseille in Amsterdam, currently on view at the Huis' sister institution, De Pont, in Tilburg. Huis Marseille has built a significant collection of contemporary international photographic work over the past two decades, including work by Andreas Gursky, Andres Serrano, Deana Lawson, Viviane Sassen, and Thomases Struth and Ruff. Yuki, who took part in the exhibition "A Beautiful Moment: Japanese Photography" at Huis Marseille in 2018, is represented by one of her characteristic silhouetted-figure Transvest works, Transvest- Fred, a near life size gelatin silver print. The exhibition continues at De Pont through July 5th this year.

Guy Laramee - Recent Press

Guy Laramee has been featured in a string of recent press editorials, including Canadian French news monthly L'actualite, and Paris-based Courrier International. Colossal, meanwhile, curates a generous selection of images of Laramee's work, as well as reposting the artist's recent TED talk, check the Read More link to view.